A little bit of history: We invented this technology for four years and invested in it to 725 thousand. US dollars. Before the current prototype had a few scale models. The current model continuously produces 3 kW. 2018. march. the planned 10 Kw prototype delivery.

The goal: To reduce the human-induced CO2 pollution from electricity production and transportation. Replace petrol with electricity, which will be used in cars, buses, trucks, trains, ships and possibly even aircraft. As an added benefit, this new technology is up to 90%. reduce lighting, heating, cooling and transportation costs.

The problem is not physics – the problem is engineering.

The solution is to use modern engineering and simulations with massive amounts of rented of computer power.

Magnets: Magnets are caused by the Quantum Mechanical Spin of unpaired electrons. Electrons “spin” forever. Yes, we know “spin” is just shorthand for saying magnets maintain their magnetic dipole moment.

The physical world, which we can see and feel, is a closed system, which is well described in thethermodynamics and energys universal law.

Infinitely small quantum mechanics the world is an open system. Electron quantum mechanics sukinys in an open system cannot be explained or understood, the application of a closed-system theories.

What we know one thing for sure, our generator produces excess energy. That is our starting point.

Engineering plan: Infinity SAV has invented an electric generator powered solely by permanent magnets. We will use the following technologies to solve the remaining engineering challenges and optimize the generator for production.

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA), to create the design and operation simulations;
  • Infinite Computing, (rented processors) to run simulations on designs and variables;
  • Machine Intelligence (AI), to add possible solutions to the engineering problems;
  • 3D printing, to prototype the best designs;
  • Rapid Iterations, to produce and bench test the best designs.

IMAGINE: A heat pump sized generator that will power a house for just $0.02 per kWh with zero pollution, zero heat and zero CO2.