Information for potential investors

“Infinity SAV” is looking for an investor, which has a favourable wholesale price would like to order for the first batch of products in question. With this potential partner will make life a prior agreement. Agreement will only by making full use of the industrial model.

Our projects are of different scale, the end terms and development classes. Our model is limited or made according to investor requirements, taking into account the financial levers: capital gains and profitability, depending on the company an acceptable level of risk. Depending on the investor’s objectives, we can offer a long-term investment opportunities to ensure high profits, as well as the rapid circulation and direct involvement in strategic projects for quick capital gains. The signing of the cooperation agreement, we will provide the device model, so you can try it out. Test rules may identify the customer. We transmit all the necessary technical documentation and technical scheme, as well as a working prototype (complete model).

If you are interested, you can contact us through Contact page.